Viper High Frequency Invertor Type Concrete Vibrators

  • Suitable for internal vibration and compaction of fresh concrete
  • Integrated with a frequency power supply inside the switch box
  • Compact structure and easy to carry
  • Lower working noise
  • Designed with complete protection functions for safe operation
  • Plug into a 220V power source and it’s ready to go
Model Diameter Length Kg CF (N) Amplitude Noise dB Hose Cable Current (A)  Output Volt
BTHFE38 38mm 352mm 10 1.00 1.8mm 70 5m 15m 6 220
BTHFE50 50mm 390mm 13 3.50 2.0mm 71 5m 15m 6 220
BTHFE60 60mm 436mm 16 4.50 2.2mm 71 5m 15m 6 220

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High Frequency Convertor Type Vibrator