Finish Blades

  • These finishing blades are manufactured from high carbon spring steel with high abrasive resistance.
  • Blade bars machined to fine tolerances & blade base rivet holes cut and countersunk to ensure perfect blade assembly every time.
  • Rigid quality control for consistent supply
  • Blades to fit most major trowel producers.
  • Finishing blades packaged with plastic thread protectors
  • Finish blades offered in two versions – pro fine finish and pro long life.
  • Barikell mk8 finish and combination blades with m10 bolt also produced and supplied
Part No. Size Inch
F90416 6″ x 14” Finish (M8 & M10)
F90419 6″ x 14″ Long Life finish (1.9mm thick steel)
F120416 6″ x 18″ Finish (M8 & M10), also available packed in sets of 5 blades
F120419 6″ x 18″ Long Life Finish (1.9mm thick steel)
F120419LB 6″ x 18″ Long life blade 1.9mm with 20mm blade bar for use on heavy riders such as HTX and TS100.
F75416B 6″ x 10″ finish Barikell Bartell
F75416D 6″ x 10″ BT75 Standard trowel